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CJ & Associates, Inc. is a campaign disclosure, compliance and consulting firm located near Sacramento, CA. With 12 years of experience, our firm prides ourselves on our expert and efficient compliance in the rapidly evolving political finance laws at the local, state and federal levels. We use the # 1 disclosure software in the political reporting industry that assists in achieving accurate reporting. We are members of the California Political Treasurers Association.

Chelsea Johnson

Chelsea Johnson


  • "I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Mrs. Chelsea Johnson for 8 years on campaign and political action committees. It is rare to meet someone with the professionalism Mrs. Johnson displays. She is prompt, knowledgeable, conscientious and extremely professional when working with clients. No matter how complex the problem you present Chelsea, she remains unflappable and pragmatically solves the problem in your best interest. Once she became our treasurer, all our problems disappeared and she made sure they did not reoccur. After Chelsea, I cannot imagine having any one else as a campaign treasurer."

    - Larry G. Broussard
    Chief of Staff
    CA State Assembly

  • "It was truly a pleasure to have Chelsea Johnson in my corner as I began my run for California's 3rd Assembly district in 2016. Her knowledge of reporting deadlines and all things financial proved invaluable from first filings to closure. Getting to know Chelsea and her professional approach was reassuring and I always knew that Chelsea would complete the job and it would be in a timely manner, allowing me to focus on my campaign. I highly recommend Chelsea and her team."

    - Edward Ritchie

  • "I have found Chelsea extremely efficient and responsive. She allowed me to focus on my campaign knowing she has the reporting completely covered. Chelsea is knowledgeable and always has my best interests at heart. I would highly recommend her and her firm."

    - Cheryl Brown
    Former CA District 47 Assembly member

  • "As a candidate for Congress, the last thing you want to worry about is being in compliance with complex campaign finance rules and making sure all your reports are filed correctly and on time. Chelsea Johnson and her team made sure my campaign covered every detail and they were immediately available to my entire staff for all sorts of questions and inquiries. Their work was a source of calm in the political storm, and I strongly recommend CJ & Associates, Inc."

    - Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider
    2016 Candidate for Congress

  • "Chelsea Johnson, who for the last 6 years has insured that the Del Norte County Democratic Central Committee complied with all State and Federal election laws. Chelsea has been extremely efficient and has always responded quickly to our requests. I would recommend Chelsea and her team."

    - Gerald Cochran
    Del Norte County Democratic Central Committee

  • "The best recommendation I can give may not fully explain the help and support Chelsea Johnson and her team has provided me over the last 6 plus years. Her attention to detail and follow through has saved me countless hours of frustrations and additional work. This business is heavily regulated and she always stayed on top of the ever changing requirements and kept us going in the right direction. I have always enjoyed working with her and hope to continue to do so in the future. Chelsea and her team are a tremendous asset."

    - John Jacobs

    The Capitol Alliance

  • "I have worked with Chelsea on my last 2 campaigns and not only was I impressed with her expertise, but also with how responsive she was. My staff and I were always able to get our questions answered in a timely manner, which is extremely important with our fast-paced schedules. I would highly recommend Chelsea and her team."

    - Larry Carr

    Sacramento City Council District 8

  • "I serve as the Treasurer for the Solano County Democratic Central Committee. During my tenure our organization utilized the services of Mrs. Chelsea Johnson for financial management, political reporting and as the acting agent for all financials transactions related to actions of our committee. Mrs. Johnson is extremely knowledgeable of complex FPPC and FEC official guidance as well as other State and Federal regulations governing political financial transactions. Mrs. Johnson was consistently available for consultation or guidance related to financial transactions involving required reporting, fundraising, expenditures and money transfer. Required FPPC and FEC financial reporting was complete on schedule, documented and provide to State and Federal agencies promptly and without error. Mrs. Johnson provided our organization with prompt and accurate financial service for the entire 7 year history of dealings with her agency. Committees can expect excellent, responsive and accurate financial consultation, including expert comprehensive financial management and reporting. I offer my highest recommendation of Chelsea Johnson and her team."

    - Paul Stichick
    Solano County Democratic Central Committee

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